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Shadow of Mordor

Oh My Maiar.

I see one flashback, in a demo, about the ghost. When i see Annatar, I could not help but feel that old satisfied smile. He is so HOT with his white hair and cute face <3

I really love erotism scene. &gt;w&lt;
Work in progress/ Feanor house.
I do not have finish this fan art @w@ so long&#8230;
Silmarillion fan art / &#8220;You&#8217;re mine&#8221;
in a few minutes, it will be 6:00 in the morning. I must admit that I did not have the moral tonight and the draw made ​​me feel good. (And thank you to remix Majora&#8217;s mask which has put me in the mood)
somes sketchs / Silmarillion
Well &#8230;. I have not finished this digital art &#8230; but i have a troll who dancing salsa in my head ( and it&#8217;s 3 am), I think sleep before the finish. &gt; w &lt;
and yes, a little lenwe who cares for his powerful brother
WIP_ Twins gods
I hate taking pictures of me. &gt;&lt;
Anyway, this one was the least worst of all. it will put a head every time I make my drawings XD 
this is me ,tadaaam. with my eyes burn, since I hardly stand the light of day.