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hi all,
I hope you are well?
I’m sorry I did not talk a lot, lately. I hugely work and I tired a lot. I look forward to holidays, I think it will do me good and help me to advance illustrations that I had set aside.

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I do no like to speak about human and politic; but, when a see:

 what happens to Ukraine and the reaction of other countries too slow or absent.
People who draw Natalia Poklonskaya and find it cute.
 return of panels prohibits Jews.
mounted progressive political party National Front.
That an increase of nearly 70% of homophobic act we learn ( in France).
And there is always so much abuse and neglect of animals.

It is shared between anxiety, sadness and disgust of the mankind.

small research during the hour break during my school. an original character and Mairon …. I know, I could not help but inspire me with the face of cumberbatch …
that’s no finish.
Research and evening on Ancalagon. I do not know why, but I imagine so great that protects the main house of Angband.
Mandos cavern
First research of his design. I see so much as a soul collector. I found inspiration in the emblems of Thanatos, which are the wings and above the box containing a butterfly (representation of souls). 'w'


(pic credit)

oh my fucking god it’s perfect :’D

fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuur =w=
sketch: Nathanael Edwidge of my comics: Divini Amoris. 
first commission for Vanessa TerralWatercolor /A3.