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Here you can find everything from nothing.
but mainly artworks from the world of Pandemonium and divini amoris.
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being given that I adore yaoi, I invite you to close the page if this is not your cup of tea.
Daswhox blog
Je sens que ça va être long à corriger tout ça ><
No perfect, mais une fois les petits soucis résolus, ça devrait rendre bien.
Divini amoris - Cover Sketch. 
Many sketch about fan art of the Silmarillion. 
The first: the house of Feanor. 
The second: Luthien dance. ( I would, perhaps, the comic strips of this passage)
And Manwe / Varda.

draw, draw, draw a lot.

* Cracks his fingers * good … since I’m in the midst Deco + chara. history to have in the book. I begin one illustration of FĂ«anor house …. I want to be married of Maedhros <3

Work in progress for Spring / Pandora Factory. 
Une petite étude de décor d&#8217;un des niveaux de jeu. &#8230;j&#8217;ai bien cru ne pas y arriver. 
A small study of scenery from one level game. &#8230; I really thought would not happen.
The hot scenes are really really hot!! Is there any chance we might see them finished/coloured?

Yes, sure, I will finish my drawings. then I stopped because I’m tired. But I intend to cleaner and colors. I think I might be doing Melkor / Mairon, but I have not the position in mind. hehehe

Work in progress about one original character design . &gt;w&lt;