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Ces moments où tu as envie de voyager, de dessiner adossée à une rocher tout en bouffant du paysage…ces rêves de vivre loin de chez ses parents pour faire un big coloc de la mort qui tue et pouvoir se concentrer sur le projet de jeu video; ces moments, juste, me déprime rien qu’à savoir que faut de l’argent pour ça. * va tenter par la pouvoir de la pensé , comme le fait le père de gumball, pour que des billets lui tomber du plafond*

Those times when you want to travel, draw backs on to a rock while admiring the landscape … these dreams to live away from my parents to make a great Colocation of death that kills and able to focus on the draft video game; these moments, just, depresses me, just to know that it requires money for that. * Is tempted by the power of thought, as does the father of gumball for tickets him falling from the ceiling *

Little wip of one of a lot of concept art for Spring / Pandora factory.
I just want to see  an idea of ​​the long hours of work ahead of us.

Somes news

Hi all.

it’s been long time that I thought giving news. TwT
I have some sketch relative to silmarillion … just takes me to put them to own.
I wanted to know, drawer are interested in a project drawing together? (One who draws, one that uses colors). I must admit that I miss.

concept art for a indi game :)
not final design of a character.

Return of Tachou

hi to all those who follow me. <3

Well, I have a little break, because I was have on vacation.

I needed a break to be able to draw  and recover from my school year.

that’s really good to rest and spend time with a friend. >3< Away from the Parisian stress (yes, I’m French and I hate Paris), see landscape so beautiful and yet so far. in fact, it makes me want to leave the city and find a place to sit down and draw.

Well, I finished two or three things and I certainly will post some drawings.I mostly do sketches for a game project but I think doing other drawings Silmarillion. now that I have more time.

In the meantime, I am preparing the workshop with Alwyn hunt (aka gentleman who textured Smaug). if I do not answer by the end of the year, is that I’d be dead dehydrated for have admiring in direct his work. >w<

Aside from that, the draft Pandora factory advance. the family is growing up and working on the level design of the first level of  the video game ” Spring”. 

I love you >w< *cuddles who wants*

PS: sorry for my english.

hi all,
I hope you are well?
I’m sorry I did not talk a lot, lately. I hugely work and I tired a lot. I look forward to holidays, I think it will do me good and help me to advance illustrations that I had set aside.

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I do no like to speak about human and politic; but, when a see:

 what happens to Ukraine and the reaction of other countries too slow or absent.
People who draw Natalia Poklonskaya and find it cute.
 return of panels prohibits Jews.
mounted progressive political party National Front.
That an increase of nearly 70% of homophobic act we learn ( in France).
And there is always so much abuse and neglect of animals.

It is shared between anxiety, sadness and disgust of the mankind.

small research during the hour break during my school. an original character and Mairon &#8230;. I know, I could not help but inspire me with the face of cumberbatch &#8230;
that&#8217;s no finish.